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Lycian Way in Turkey

Duration: 12 days (11 nights)
Distance: 140 km
Price: 550 euro
Departure place: Antalya
Arrival place: Antalya
Go to: Detailed description | Map

Route: Antalya – Goynyuk city – Goynyuk Canyon – Gedelme – Takhtali-Dag peak (2365 m) – Beichik village – Ulupinar village – Chimera flames – Chiraly beaches – Olimpos ruins – Adrasan (sea trip and rest on a beach) – Gelidoniya Cape – Mavikent

Turkey is a beautiful and very interesting country. This is the country with the fascinating history, where different cultures and religious views inosculated. Beautiful sea with the beaches, gardens with lemons and oranges, venerable ruins, well-cooked meal and well-intentioned locals – all these is worth-while to see. Lycian Way is one of the best and beautiful European long distance hikes passing through the mountains, bays, forests and original villages.

Turkey has always been acknowledged as a popular place for CIS people to go for a vacation and spend time on the beach leaving in a hotel. But the people rarely think about the possibility to climb Turkey mountains which are highly competitive with Carpathians, Crimea and Caucasus.  Here you can see rock peaks, dense forests, canyons and waterfalls. See you in Antalya!

Tour price 550 euros (over 8 people group)
Tour price 600 euros (up to 8 people group)

Discount system:
Full prepayment 3 months before the start of the campaign - 20% discount. 
Full prepayment 1 month before the start of the campaign - 10% discount.

Tour price includes:

  • Guide services
  • 3 meals a day
  • Cooking equipment
  • Medicine chest

The tour price does not include:

  • Rental of personal equipment
  • Entrance fee to the National parks
  • Transfer to the starting point of our route and to Antalya at the end of the trek
  • Turkey's visa
  • Flight to/from Antalya
Go to: Description | Map

Day 1: Antalya – Goynyuk city – Goynyuk Canyon (2-3 hours)

We will meet you in Antalya airport near Terminal 1 in the morning. After all participants meet in Antalya we take a bus trip to Goynyuk city which is a starting point of our trek. On the way it is possible to taste a fresh orange juice.  Local rivers will gladden you with the very pleasing bright color of water. There are a number of small lakes and dead arm of river surrounded by lofty rocks along them. We will stay for the night not far from the river as it is not possible to continue going along it. The river is taking through the narrow canyon, which can be passed only by the water and only up to the rocks crossing it.

Day 2: Passing around the lofty part of canyon (5-7 hours)

In the morning we climb the range to pass around the lofty part of canyon and descend to the river. The path is winds through a very beautiful forest, where the pines are alternates by different exotic trees and snout of limestone rocks. We will have a lunch near the spring and start descending to the valley. We will further walk along the bottom of valley past pictorial boulders. We will encamp in pine forest near the river and rocks where it is possible to have a swim and find a lot of corded wood for the fire.

Day 3: Trekking to Gedelme village by plateau (7-9 hours)

In the morning we first start to ascend to plateau and then walk over the roads past small villages to Gedelme city. Soon we start see ranges with the snow on top; one of them is Takhtaly Dag (2365m). There are a number of points of interest in Gedelme, namely ancient tree, cave and ruins of fortress. Our tonight camp will be based beyond the village.

Day 4: Takhtaly Dag saddle (6-8 hours)

Today along paths and roads we ascend to the Yaila Kuzdere village and further to Takhtaly Dag saddle. Forest became fully stocked, we may see some cedars. To the left of the path we will see a canyon of the river streamed from under the Takhtaly. We will stay for the night not far from the river on the meadow surrounded by rocks.

Day 5: Climb without bags to Takhtaly Dag (Olympus) – descend to Beichik village (6-8 hours)

In the morning we pass out to Takhtaly Dag saddle by rapidly ascending path admiring surrealist landscape with detached great cedars, rocks, coats of snow and traceries of tree roots. Then we leave our bags and those who probably do not want to climb the peak and ascend to Takhtaly Dag summit, where the ropeway station is located. The magnificent views from the summit makes up for the efforts: lofty south side, sea and different hideaways, including Kemer. We descend by the same way as we climb the peak and go westwards to Beichik village. The path is passing over the very beautiful pine forest with the view to amazing rock sides of Takhtaly Dag. We will stop for the night near the spring short of Beichik village.

Day 6: Beichik village – Ulupinar (6-8 hours)

Today we will cross a very picturesque village Beichik located on hill slopes.  There is a chance to have a lunch with the very tasty trout in a nice restaurant on the trees. Then we walk towards Ulupinar village over the hills and valleys through beautiful forests and orangery. Despite the fact that these mountains are not as high as Takhtaly they are quite slightly. We will encamp outside Ulupinar village on a grassy meadow near the river. There are a lot of trout farms around.

Day 7: Ulupinar village – Chimera (eternal flames) – Chirali beaches (2-3 hours)

Today is the easiest day of our trekking, which could be characterized as “half-halting day”. We will climb Chimera mountain (Yanartash), where on the peak the eternal flames burst forth of the earth. According to the ancient Greek legend, Chimera was a dreadful monster slain by the ancient Greek hero Bellerofont and trodden into the ground by his the winged horse Pegas. So up to our days she underlies belowground and shoots out flames. In fact this act of nature is resulted from the small-size of gas field near the ground. Those flames are especially dazzled the tourists during night time. In addition to that we will have a chance to look at the ancient picturesque ruins.
We will encamp for the night in Chirali where we may swim in Mediterranean Sea. It is possible to stay either in tents on the beach or in slightly cheap camps. Chirali is known with its beautiful beaches surrounded with the lemon and orange gardens.

Day 8: Olympus ruins – Musa mountain bottom (5-7 hours)

Today is quite short trekking day. After swimming in the sea in the morning we walk towards the Olimpos ruins. There are a lot of architecture show-places such as vallum scraps, Genoese fortress, ancient entombments and antique theatre. We further turn towards Musa mountain and walk through the dense coastal forest and meadows with pastured sheep stocks. Tonight camp will be based on one of the meadows with the spring.

Day 9: Descending to Adrasan bay (2-3 hours or 5-7 hours depending on our decision about day 10)

Today we descend to the beautiful Adrasan bay passing the orange gardens. This bay is surrounded with the high mountains. Resort village of the same name is located here. We may choose either to stay here for the night or walk further towards Gelidoniya Cope. If we decide to stay then next day we may take a sea trip over the local bays on the motorboat, which could be found on a local bunder. If we decide to go to Gelidoniya Cope then after having a lunch in Adrasan we continue to walk over the path to Gelidoniya. In this case we will stay for the night in the forest short of the cope.

Day 10. Option A: Sea trip from Adrasan over the picturesque bays
               Option B: Trekking near the Gelidoniya Cape

Option A: In the morning we rent a motorboat and drive out towards Suzak bay. On our way we will enjoy the views on scenery rocks, through grots and crashed ship. Here we have a chance to see dolphins and other sea birds and animals. We shore in Suzak bay and spend some time having swim and rest in this beautiful place, which looks like a heaven on earth.
Option B: We walk to Gelidoniya cope through the forest. Passing over the cope we come to the sea marker enjoying the breath-taking view on Sulu Ada island and Beshadalar islands. This sea market was built by the French in 1936. Then we walk towards the Karaoz village.

Day 11: Karaoz village – Mavikent city (2-3 hours)

Today we are coming to Karaoz village (or towards to Mavikent city) where we will take a bus to Antaliya. On the way to Mavikent we have a chance to overview Pirate Bay. In Antalya we have free time. We may stay for the night on one of the beaches or just stay in the comfortable Antalya airport.
If we have chosen a sea trip on the day 10th, then in the earlier morning we take a bus to Antalya from Adrasan.  

Day 12: Departure

In the mornings we take a flight to come back home. Those who would like to have a rest on the beach of Mediterranean sea are always welcome to stay for additional couple of days in Turkey.

Additional costs:
• The trekking route is passing through the inhabited localities where we can replenish with the food. In some places it is possible to stay for the night in local camps.   Tents, personal things and the food we carry like on other trekking routes.
• Turkey visa is given in Antalya airport and costs 20-30$.
• Entrance fees to fee to conservancy area (20-30$), sea trip in Adrasan (its cost was 25$ from each person).
• Lunches in restaurants and accommodation in local camps or hotels.
• All transfers are organized using the public or rented transport. Transfer to Antalya from the final point of our trek will be organized using rented transport and will cost approximately 20-30$ per person. To get to Goynyuk from Antalya on the first day of our trek we will use public transport, which will cost approximately 5$ per person.

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Go to : Description | Detailed description


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