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Chernogora Ridge – The Highest Ukrainian Summits

Duration: 6 days (5 nights)
Distance: 50-60 km
Price: 150 euro
Departure place: Inavo-Frankovsk
Arrival place: Inavo-Frankovsk
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v.Yasynya (or Kvasy) – Petros peak (2022 m) – Goverla peak (2061 m) – Pop-Ivan peak (2026 m) - v. Dzembronya

This trek has always been one of the by-far most popular and well-known in Ukrainian Carpathians. And this is not surprising. It’s home to Ukrainian’s highest peaks and beautiful lakes. The highest Ukrainian mountain – Goverla, gloomy but beautiful Petros, mysterious and enigmatic observatory on Pop-Ivan. All these as well as lakes and vast mountain meadows is waiting for you on the route. The snow here can be met even in summer. Isn’t it exciting to snowball in the height of hot summer day? It pays to do it at least once during the life as well as get over the highest ridge of Ukraine and Central Carpathians.

We may choose two starting points as options: Kvasy village (Option A) or Yasynya village (Option B). Both options start at the foot of Petros hill.

Option A is a slightly more difficult as during the first day we have to climb up to 600 meters, and during second day we will pass over the Petros summit (2,022m) with the bags. But by doing so there is an opportunity to take a cross between Sheshul and Petros and enjoy a royal view on meadow – polonina –  Ragneska.
Option B is considerably easy. During the first day we go along the river and almost lightly climb 100 meters. On the second day we come to the camp place at the foot of Petros and climb the Petros peak without bags, which will be an advantage in case of foul weather. Declivity angle of descent from Petros is about 50 degrees.

Tour price 150 euros (over 8 people group)
Tour price 180 euros (up to 8 people group)

Discount system:
Full prepayment 3 months before the start of the campaign - 20% discount. 
Full prepayment 1 month before the start of the campaign - 10% discount.

Tour price includes:

  • Guide services
  • 3 meals a day
  • Cooking equipment
  • Medicine chest

The tour price does not include:

  • Rental of personal equipment
  • Entrance fee to the National parks
  • Transfer from train station to the start of the route and from the end of the route to the railway station
Go to: Description | Map

Day 1. Option A: Kvasy village – polonina Vesnyarka (3-6 hours)

The group meets in Inavo-Frankovsk on a railway station and then is transferred by bus to Kvasy village (located between Chernogora and Svidovets ridges). This village is known by a number of springs of curative mineral water. The most interesting point is that the water in the springs is already aerated. Here we start our trekking with ascending towards to meadow – polonina named Vesnyarka passing over a very beautiful highland of Kvasy. Even during the hot summer day we may appreciate coolness which makes the climb easier. On our way we relish from eating blackberry, see sheep, cows, horses and gather flavoring herbs for evening tea. Here on polonina Vesnyarka we stay for the night.

Day 2. Option A: Petros peak (2022m) – Goverla-Petros crosspiece (5-7 hours)

Today we rise to Chernogora ridge, where you will enjoy mighty mountain sweeps with beautiful landscapes. Keep going along the open ridge we climb the Petros peak (2022m). Here it is our first summit! But the most interesting for today – sharp descent of Petros mountain – is still awaiting for us. The road down is going through slightly rocks. We will encamp on crosspiece between Goverla and Petros mountains. It is located high enough to see the stars just above your head.

Day 1. Option B: Yasynya village – polonina Kakaraza (3-5 hours)

After being transferred from Ivano-Frankovsk to Yasynya village, we start our trek by moving along the Lopushanka river firstly through the picturesque village and then along the stunner dell with the emerald green glades. We may take a nuncheon on one of them and have a swim. After 2-3 hours we reach the polonina at the foot of Karakaza hill. It is one of the most beautiful and vantage grounds for overnight stop in Carpathians with lots of wood and water. In the evening bonfire under the starry heaven with songs and tea from scenting herbs are waiting for us.

Day 2. Option B: Kholochensky Plai ridge – Petros camp (3-4 hours) – Petros peak (2028m) – Petros camp (2-4 hours)

In the morning we climb a Kholochensky Plai ridgelet and turn to the south. Lots of raspberry and blackberry is colored here during summer. In a few hours the forest is beginning to thin and we are coming to grassy flank of Petros mountain. Admiring the beautiful look-out we pass it over from the north. On our way you may buy natural cheese and milk from local shepherds. At the compartment boundary we fix our camp and those who would like to may go to reach the Petros summit without bags. On a bit hard but not very long way upwards we will see rock shelves named “gendarmes”. After reaching the summit we come back to the camp by the same route. Today’s camp is not so comfortable as previous one but is distinctive with the fantastic view on Goverla mountain and Gorgany ridge.

Day 3: The highest Ukrainian summit – Goverla (2061m) – Nesamovytoye lake (6-8 hours)

We climb Goverla peak by hogback. Goverla is not only the highest but also the most popular Ukrainian summit. This is perhaps one of the most populous place in Carpathians where we very likely to meet a lot of day tourists. After that traversing the Breskul peak (1911m), Pozhizhevskaya peak (1822m) and Turkul peak (1933m) we walk down to Nesamovitoye lake (1750m), where we will stay overnight. This lake is one of the most high-altitude in Ukraine and wrapped in many old legends, which are commonly narrated near the bonfire in the evening.

Day 4: Nesamovytoye lake (1750m) – Rebra mountain (2001m) – Brebeneskul mountain (2036m) – Menchul mountain (1998m) – Dzembronya mountain (1877m) – crosspiece between Pop-Ivan mountain (2028m) and Smotrich mountain (6-9 hours)

Today we will see another tarn, get over the main part of the ridge and by the end of the day will stay not far from the famous observatory. At the beginning of the 20th century a Polish-Slovakian border was set along the ridge. Old frontier markers represent excellent orienteering points for tourists. We overpass Brebeneskul lake, surrounded by the rock amphitheater, located just under the Brenebeskul peak – the second highest Carpathian mountain after Goverla. Today our camp will be based in marvelous valley between Smotrich and Pop-Ivan.

Day 5: Pop-Ivan peak (2028m) – Dzembronya village (4-6 hours)

In the morning we climb Pop-Ivan peak (2028m) also known as Black mountain, see over the observatory and start long way down to Dzembronya river-valley, where the namesake village is located. On our way we will see the “Eared” Stone, named in such a way since from some angles it looks like it really has the ears.  Underneath a group of quaint stones is placed. After making memorized photos we go down to the village through waterfalls. After passing over the village we stay on our final camp.

Day 6: Dzembronya village – Nizhnyaya Dzembronya village – Verkhovina village – Ivano-Frankovsk

In the morning we will walk down to Nizhnyaya Dzembronya village near the Cheremosh river where we take a bus and come back to Ivano-Frankovsk railway station.

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