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Hiking in Norway: a spectacular Lake Gjende – Vettisfossen, Norway's tallest waterfall

05.07-15.07 (2016)
Duration: 10 days (9 nights)
Distance: 100 km
Price: 600 euro
Departure place: Oslo
Arrival place: Oslo
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Itinerary: Oslo - Gjendesheim village - Mount Veslefjellet (1740m) - Bessegen Ridge - Lake Gjende - Lake Bygdin - Vettisfossen waterfall (the highest waterfall in Norway, 275m) - Ovre Ardal city - Sognefiorden

Our trekking tour takes place in South Norway. Most of its territory is mountainous. The route passes the Jotunheimen National Park that is the most popular natural park of the country. Norway’s nature is incomparable with anything else. Lake Gjende area is considered to be the best place for trekking in the whole delightful Norway, especially the impressive Bessegen Ridge impending over two lakes. Lake Gjende is turquoise, Lake Bessvatnet has a bright blue colour. Those who come to this ridge will never forget the view! The highest waterfall in Norway is just a symbol of beauty and power of nature. Glaciers, lakes, waterfalls and cliffs … It is so difficult to imagine more beautiful trekking route.

Tour price 600 euros (over 8 people group)
Tour price 700 euros (up to 8 people group)

Discount system:
Full prepayment 3 months before the start of the campaign - 20% discount. 
Full prepayment 1 month before the start of the campaign - 10% discount.

Tour price includes:

  • Guide services
  • 3 meals a day
  • Cooking equipment
  • Medicine chest

The tour price does not include:

  • Rental of personal equipment
  • Entrance fee to the National parks
  • Transfer to the starting point of our route and to Oslo at the end of the trek
  • Norway's visa
  • Flight to/from Oslo
Go to: Description | Map

Day 1: Meeting in Oslo

First day we meet at the Oslo airport. We spend the night in a hotel or hostel, or at the airport in case of late arrival.

Day 2: Oslo - Gjendesheim

After the breakfast we wend the way to the Gjendesheim where the trekking tour will be started. The bus starts from the main Oslo bus station near the main railway station “Oslo S”. The views of Norway are just stunning; the eyes don’t get tired of the fabulous views. We're going to the Opland Province (Jotunheimen National Park) on the road № 51. This is such a beautiful way that it is possible to just go along it on foot and enjoy the eye popping views. Here we are! The Gjendesheim village is located near the Lake Gjende that looks exactly like a long fjord. We put up our tents near the village at the boundary of the Jotunheimen National Park. Today is short day so will not have bear heavy backpacks for a long time.

Day 3: Gjendesheim - radial access to the Veslefjellet Mountain 1740m and Bessegen Ridge (7-9 hours, 15 km, 800 m ascent)

This day, we leave our things in the tent camp beside the lake and go light to the radial access to the Veslefjellet Mountain and Bessegen Ridge. Thanks to the first light days backpack weight will be significantly reduced. Prepare your camera, view of the lake is spectacular! You will see a distant upland and lakes in Norway, and finally a jewel of Norway - Bessegen Ridge. It tops all you ever saw! Lake Gjende is turquoise and Lake Bessvatnet is bright blue. All of this bear literally under your feet. Soak up the unique beauty of this place! You will don’t want to leave it, you’ll just want to melt into such a beautiful place to stay here as much as possible.

Day 4: Lake Gjende - Memurubu tourist hut (5-7 hours, 12km, 100m ascent)

Today we are moving along the lake Gjende. We will have chance to feast eyes on its turquoise water. On the opposite shore of the lake we will be able to see the mountains covered with large ice-flows. For the night we will pitch camp close to the Memurubu tourist hut.

Day 5: Memurubu tourist hut - Andebu (6-9 hours, 12km, 500m ascent)

In the morning, we go up the hill once again. The name of the mountain group is a bit funny - Memurutunga. We will overpass several lakes: the Lake Gjende will be seen leftward from time to time, large glaciers will be visible rightward. The name of the largest glacier is Vestre -Memerumbe. In the evening we are going to go down again to Gjende to spend the night near the Endebu tourist hut. This night will be the last one alongshore the unique lake Gjende.

Day 6: Lake Gjende- Bygdin Lake (6-9 hours, 14km, 350m ascent)

Today we cross the divide between the lakes Bygdin and Gjende. At first we go through the valley of the river. Leftward you can see the huge glacier Sletmark. We will pass by the spectaculous lake Grenneberghern bordered by dwarf birches and marsh flora at the same time. On the way there are a lot of fabulous lakes and dwarf trees. Our road runs across the rocky tundra. According to legends the stones are petrified trolls that had not managed to hide from the morning sun. In Norway everything is covered with legends and animistic faiths. Heathen customs are still living here. Our overnight stop will be nearby the big lake Bygdin.

Day 7: Lake Bygdin - Fleskedalen Valley (6-9 hours, 15km, 400m ascent)

The road still runs across the rocky tundra with beautiful lakes where mountain peaks are reflected. Sometimes we will go across the marsh, landscape looks like a Norwegian Siberia. In the lower areas we will be happy to find the grass and shrubs that delight the eye after a long walking on stones. Today we pass by a large glacier Sneggekem. Rightward you will be able to see very beautiful lake Urdalsvatn. Then we will enter into a very colourful swampy valley Fleskedalen. Somewhere in this valley we will spend the night.

Day 8: Valley Fleskedalen- abandoned Vettismorki mountain farm - waterfall Vettisfossen - neighborhood of the town of Ovre-Ordal (6-8 hours, 15km, 1200m descent)

In the morning we go across the valley Utla (Utladalen), we pass by an abandoned mountain farm Vettismorki. Each house has a roof overgrown with tall grass, it all looks like a troll houses. We come to the top of the waterfall soon. This is an impressive scene. Perhaps, there are higher waterfalls with tiny rivulets in Norway, but here the river is large enough, it falls from a height of 275 meters. Vettisfossen is officially the highest waterfall in Norway. Its height is larger than most part of TV towers in our cities. Water turns into a dust and splashes, and only them reaches the bottom of the valley. Then we get down to the bottom of the valley and come back to the foot of the waterfall. Underside view is powerful! The descent through the valley Utla is also very beautiful, there are 3 large waterfall by the way. We spend the night near the city Ovre –Ordal.

Day 9: Transfer and trekking in the Tuinskrusset area or Sognefiorden

Today we have an easy day. Those who interested can go to Oslo or Bergen. Others take by bus to the village Tuinskrusset that move along the huge lake Tyin. There we can go to the one day trip up to the mountain Borrenosi (1297 m) and walk through the vast plateau. The second option is to get to Sognefiorden to feast eyes with the largest fjord in Norway and spend the night near the nice town Lardalsoyri.

Day 10: Transfer to Oslo from Tuinskrusset or Lardalsoyri and flight back home

In the morning we get to the bus station and take the bus. Four hours later we are in Oslo. You can already go this day just by the evening flight. Also you can stay for further travel through this beautiful country. There are a lot to be seen in Norway.

Additional costs:
Transfer to route 160-180 dollars
Campsites and hostels 0-50 dollars
It’s possible to take a shower at the tourist huts 3-4 dol

Application for a tour  Этот адрес электронной почты защищён от спам-ботов. У вас должен быть включен JavaScript для просмотра.

Go to : Description | Detailed description


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